International Ocean Freight

Our Services


We will pickup your packages from your door and arrange delivery to the destination port.


Customer will delivery the packages to the nearby port and we will arrange ocean freight service to the destination port.


Using Corrugated Box

Please use (Heavy-Duty + Double-Wall) box

(Double wall box )
Where to purchase these boxes:

You can purchase these heavy-duty and double walled boxes at below online stores. Please note that clicking on the link does not necessarily lead to the correct boxes, and you should make sure you are buying heavy-duty and doubled walled boxes. Please understand the links are subject to change as websites are frequently updated.

Get a Quote

Please download the quote form / packing list

  • Once you have filled out the quote form, please email to or to obtain a quote.
  • We will respond in one business day and provide you with a quotation and shipping instructions.
  • Please keep the form in it's orginial file type, do not save it as pdf.
Payment and Arrangement


  1. Please confirm by email after you have received our quote and decided to ship. We will reply with payment instructions.
  2. Please transfer payment to our account and send us a receipt/screenshot of the payment. Please also let us know when you’d like to schedule a pickup.

Packages to port arrangement

Customer will receive the bill of lading around one month after all the payments are cleared. Bill of Lading will contain the port address and destination contact informations.

  1. Charlene Transport's trucking service
  2. Self-drop the packages to the designated port

Refund Policy

  1. A $35 cancellation service charge will be applied if the request is made within 24 hours AND before we send you shipping labels.
  2. Once we have sent you the shipping labels or after 24 hrs, we will charge a $50 processing fee.
  3. Under all other conditions, there will be no refund, but you could use the credits up to 6 months.
Delivery to Port

Custom Clearance Notification

We will send out pick up notification after your packages are cleared through destination's custom; please bring the following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Packing List
  3. Invoice
  4. Bill of Lading

Please Note

Charlene Transport's fee only included origin to destination port transportation serice, any fee incurred by the destination's port or custom should be paid in full by the customer, we are not responsible for any of those fees.