Express Service

Pickup service available Monday - Friday nationwide

Express Service Price

🇺🇸USA to Taiwan|China|H.K.

Rated Weight


1LB - 30LB price
31LB - 50LB $3.90/LB
51LB - 100LB $3.43/LB
101LB - 150LB $2.97/LB
151LB - 200LB $2.79/LB
201LB - 250LB $2.69/LB
251LB - 300LB $2.60/LB
301LB - 500LB $2.56/LB
501LB+ $2.53/LB
Additonal discount for shipments over 1000lbs!

🇺🇸USA to Singapore

Rated Weight


1LB - 30LB pirce
31LB - 50LB $4.83/LB
51LB - 100LB $3.90/LB
101LB - 150LB $3.43/LB
151LB - 200LB $3.16/LB
201LB - 250LB $2.97/LB
251LB - 300LB $2.79/LB
301LB - 500LB $2.69/LB
501LB+ $2.60/LB
Additional discount for shipments over 1000lbs!

International Express Shipment



🇺🇸USA to 🇲🇴Macao / 🇲🇾Malaysia / 🇯🇵Japan / 🇹🇭Thailand / 🇰🇷South Korea / 🇻🇳Vietnam

Rated Weight


Within 30LB $183/box
31LB - 50LB $4.83/LB
51LB - 100LB $3.90/LB
101LB - 155LB $3.34/LB
156LB - 270LB $3.16/LB
271LB - 300LB $3.00/LB
301LB - 500LB $2.79/LB
501LB+ $2.65/LB
Additonal discount for shipments over 1000lbs!
🌏International shipment from 🇺🇸USA Please call or email for more informations
🌍International shipment to 🇺🇸USA Please call or email for more informations
🌎International shipment to 🌏 other countries Please call or email for more informations
If you need above service, please fill out a quote form and email us. We will then provide a quote for you!
** Due to fluctuating fuel rates, Charlene Transport reserves the right to change price without prior notification. **

Rated Weight Calculation Explained

Rated weight will be based on the greater of both actual weight and dimensional weight.

The formula to calculate dimensional weight is (Length * Width * Height)/139, (Length, Width and Height are all measured in inches) the resulting value is measured in lbs.

The closer the actual weight and dimensional weight is, the more cost efficient the shipment is. (There will be additional fees for packages with actual weight over 70 lbs.)。


For Exmaple:

i.e. The dimensional weight of a 18x18x16 box is 38 lbs. If the actual weight of the box is 20 lbs, the weight used to calculate shipping is 38 lbs.

i.e. The dimensional weight of 24x18x18 box is 56 lbs. If the actual weight is 62 lbs, the weight used to calculate the shipping cost is 62 lbs.

Additional Fees for Irregular Packages

* Packages dimension is restricted to length + width x 2 + height x 2 less than 130 inches,and longest side less than 108 inches

* Please avoid below weight and size. There will be significant fees for oversize packages, and some oversize packages are not shippable. Please use actual price quoted.

  1. Weight equal or over 70 lbs
  2. Longest side equal or over 48 inches
  3. The second longest side equal or over 30 inches
  4. Irregular non-rectangular packages (such as luggage, bags, wood boards, and other irregular shapes).
  5. Shipments with declared value over $2500
  6. Destination address in out-of-delivery area;Please see international air shipping out-of-delivery chart to find if the address is in out-of-delivery area -->
About Packing

Using Corrugated Box

Please use (Heavy-Duty + Double-Wall)

(Double Wall Box )
Where to buy these boxes:

You can purchase these Heavy-Duty + Double-Wall online。Please go to below online stores and search for heavy-duty and double walled boxes. Please understand that we cannot guaranteed that these links will always lead to the correct boxes, so please double check and make sure you are purchasing the correct boxes - these links are subject to be changed as online companies frequently update their websites.

Shipping with Luggage

  • Please measure the (L x W x H) of the luggage from the wheel to the handle. Please be sure to provide actual measurements from the widest/longest/tallest points, as a luggage could be stuffed to the point that it can change shape.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for wear and tear to luggage, such as scratched surface, fallen parts, damages to handles, wheels, and zipper.
  • There will also be additional handling fees for a luggage.

Restricted Items:

  • Lotion (for medical use, entry permit/license will be needed)
  • Pharmaceuticals (You will need to apply for entry permit/license)
  • Books (China Customs only allow 50 books. Any books or printed material against the state are banned)
  • Vitamins (There is regulation limiting quantity and weight. Please consult with each nation’s Customs for detail)
  • Milk Powder/Baby Formula (There is regulation limiting quantity and weight. Please consult with each nation’s Customs for detail)

Prohibited items:

  • Tobacco, alcohol, and any dangerous/hazardous goods
  • Perfume, nail polish, and nail polish remover
  • Tampon (Taiwan)
  • Coffee beans and seeds
  • Items such as cash, vouchers, necklace, earrings, jewelries, pearls, gold, diamond, and others. Batteries/flammable items
  • Batteries/flammable items
  • Spray, corrosive cleaning agents, gas
  • Pornographic magazines, pirated discs
  • Weapons, knives, and others
  • Any items not allowed by customs of each nation
* Please do not try to ship unlisted/unreported items and list all contents accurately. If any problems arrive from inaccurate/dishonest listing of items, Charlene Transport reserves all rights to manage all disputes in New York City courts。
Getting a Quote

Please download the quote form / packing list

  • Once you have filled out the quote form, please email to or to obtain a quote.
  • We will respond in one business day and provide you with a quotation and shipping instructions.
  • Please keep the form in it's orginial file type, do not save it as pdf.


  1. Quote form for air shipping must be in English; Chinese names can be added. The value of the items shipped will need to be listed. If you are shipping brand new items, we strongly recommend that you report the actual value. The information you provide on the quote form will be used to insure your shipment with the shipping company and declare content and values to Customs.
  2. Please be sure to check each nation’s customs and regulations before shipping. We are only an agent and will not be held responsible for any legal liabilities or duties incurred. You will be fully responsible if you ship any illegal items and for any duties imposed by Customs.
  3. Please be sure to provide accurate information when filling out the quote form. Shipping documents are based on the information you provide on the quote form. The customer is to be fully responsible for any delays, additional fees, or duties incurred due to inaccurate information. We will also charge a service fee of $50/box to customer for documentation correction.
  4. Air shipping companies use laser technology to measure boxes from the boxes’ widest, longest, and tallest points. All decimal points are to be rounded up, and calculation will be based on both volumetric weight and actual weight.
Payment and Pickup Appointment


    Please confirm by email if you have decided to ship after receiving a quotation. Payment (both shipping fee and deposit) must be cleared before shipping:
    1. Shipping fee (Online transfer, Credit Card , and Paypal)

    2. Deposit (Zelle Pay / Credit Card / Paypal)

      Deposit will be refunded when the carrier invoices Charlene Transport and the shipping weight matches. Typically, this will be a month after you have received the package. If customer’s credit card is canceled when issuing a refund, there will be a 6% surcharge. We recommend that you use a credit card that you will not be canceling two months after you ship.

Pickup Appointment::

    Please provide us with payment receipts for both shipping fees and deposit deposit, and let us know when you’d like the pickup appointment:

    1. Monday-Friday 8AM-7PM. The appointment will usually have a 5 hour window. Charlene Transport will not be able to make an appointment at a precise time, but will do our best in getting a small pickup window for you.
    2. Pickup service are not available on weekends and holidays.
    3. If pickup window does not work for you, please label the boxes and drop off at the carrier’s location.

Rush Shipments (Same Day or Next Day Pickup):

* Before a pickup appointment can be made, payments (both shipping fees and deposit) must be paid in full and payments must be cleared by the bank.

* If packages need to be picked up on the same day or next day, the customer is to pay both the shipping fees and deposit by credit card (there will be a 6% fee).

Other things to note:

  1. Before your package is picked up, please take photos of the boxes and their contents.
  2. After sticking the labels on the boxes, please use a Sharpie to write down the tracking number on the boxes.
  3. Please write down the receiver’s name, address, and phone number in the destination nation’s official language.

Refund Policy:

  1. Within 24 hours after we receive the payment. A $50 fee will be charged if the customer needs to cancel.
  2. After 24 hours, before a shipping label is created. A $100 processing fee applies.
  3. After the shipping label is created, a $100 processing fee will be charged and the remaining balance may be converted into half-year non-refundable credits.
  4. If the number of boxes is reduced after payment, we will charge $40 per box.
Delivery and Clearance Documents


  1. Air shipping takes about 3-7 business days. However, custom clearance could delay shipment, especially in China.
  2. We will provide Tracking Information,so you can track the packages. We do not guarantee arrival time of your packages. If you are in a rush, please take the items with you when you travel. We will not be responsible for any fees incurred due to shipping delays.

Custom Clearance Documents

  1. Copy of ID
  2. Power of Attorney (Example)
  3. Commercial Invoice (Example)
  4. Packing List (Example)

* Please sign all documents, and mail or hand the documents to the carrier.

Please note

  1. When shipping personal effects, please make sure you declare your packages at the very first entry point (airport, port, bus stop, border station, or other entry points). We will not be held responsible for problems resulting from your failure to declare packages.(China Example | Taiwan Example)
  2. Please note that in cases of customs clearance delay, 4 business days after arrival at the port, there will be storage fees. Please clear customs as soon as possible to avoid storage fees. We will not be responsible for storage fees, as these fees are not part of the shipping fee.
  3. Charlene Transport will use reputable third party carriers to ship (such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, EVA, China Air, AAE, and others) and provide discounted rates for these carriers. However, every country has its own customs regulations, and Charlene Transport is not a custom broker. Please work with the third party carrier with any importation and documentation issues. Charlene Transport will not be able to work with any carrier offices that are outside of the USA in cases of delays caused by custom clearance. Please understand that customers will have to be responsible in contacting third party carrier for delays caused by custom issues and for any duties.

# Popular Origin Cities for Express Service